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Jason's in the dog house at his own stag do!

Having been put in charge of organising Jason’s stag do, Robbie hires a stripper for his brother – but just as Jason’s in the middle of his dance, bride-to-be Holly arrives and she’s furious! Holly’s jealous when Robbie shares a kiss with the stripper and, back at The Roscoes’, she realises her feelings have resurfaced and texts him. Later, Holly heads to The Loft to find Robbie and they start kissing.

Meanwhile, Cindy's attempts at making Holly and Jason's wedding cake are a disaster but it breaks the ice between Cindy and Dirk. They call a truce and, for a moment, it looks like they might kiss… but Dirk breaks away and scurries off to The Dog.

Celine's suspicious when Cleo's phone keeps ringing and she listens to a voicemail from Tony. Getting the wrong end of the stick, Celine tells Diane about her suspicions. Back at the flat, Diane feels uneasy over Celine's accusations and hunts for clues. Finding Cleo's bracelet in her bed, Diane then storms down to The Hutch as Tony tries talking to Cleo – but the damage Pete's done to Cleo is obvious to everyone, including Diane.

Celine goes to see Pete and, in a rage, accidentally tells him about Cleo's error of judgement with Tony. As Pete decides to use this to his advantage, Celine realises she may just have put Pete's trial in jeopardy, so talks things through with Lindsey. Later, Pete's sleeping in the back of his van when a hooded figure attacks him...

Also, Dirk goes to solve a plumbing problem at The Dog and discovers a laptop has been dumped in the river – it belongs to Dr S'Avage!