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Jenny slaps Maria!

When Jenny accidentally walks into Maria, Maria is slightly annoyed but is shocked when Jenny angrily bites back. Later, Jenny is furious when she catches Liam hitting Jack and vows to tell Maria how badly behaved her son was. But when a row ensues in the salon Jenny ends up slapping Maria in the face.


Sinead prepares to leave the hospital for home, Chesney is overcome with jealousy when Sam hands her a parting gift. When Sam later shows up at No 5 to return Sinead’s favourite pyjamas, Chesney feels even more of an outsider.

Sarah is horrified when Bethany appears ready for her first day at Weatherfield High in a short skirt and bright red lipstick.

Sophie’s suspicious of Jenny and goes rifling through her bag to dig up some dirt, but is caught in the act by the woman herself. Sharif leaves Roy to do his dirty work.