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Will Joe Roscoe choose Mercedes or Joanne?

Joe Roscoe and Mercedes McQueen

Torn between Mercedes and Joanne, it's decision time for Joe...

Mercedes is desperate for Joe to forgive her. He finally makes a decision about who he wants to be with – but is it Mercedes or Joanne?

Knowing they might be on borrowed time, Alfie and Jade decide to live 50 years-worth of marriage right now. Alfie gives James 50p for the shack and they tick ‘buying a house’ off their list. They then camp in a sand pit in the Osborne’s living room for their honeymoon… pretending it’s the Gobi desert!

Myra pretends she’s pregnant with eight babies to attract the TV crews and make a quick buck. The press, however, want a scan photo to prove it!

Also, Marnie has decided to move in to The Dog but has failed to tell Mac that she was the reason for the cracks in his and Neeta’s relationship.