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Josh vows to provide for Amber

Amber, Joshua and Daniel are devastated to learn the baby likely suffers from congenital diaphragmatic hernia and there’s a fifty percent survival rate after birth. Later, Josh asks Forrest if there’s a more expensive range of supplements he can sell. Forrest makes it clear the only option would be illegal supplements and Josh agrees, he’ll sell anything to provide for his sick baby.

Tyler sets up Aaron with Nate, hoping it will force Nate to forgive him for stealing Karl’s prescription pad. But the pair disagree on almost everything and Tyler is forced to take them to The Waterhole for an apology drink, where he points out that if his good mate were still around, he’d have told Tyler what a dumb plan the matchmaking idea was.

Paige wants to cancel her 21st birthday party, but Amber encourages her to go ahead and give them all something fun to focus on. Later, Paige approaches Terese to discuss The Waterhole as the party venue and the women reach a rapprochement but it’s clear Paige still wants to reunite her parents.