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Jude opens the Hollyoaks Halloween Spooktacular!

Davinia Taylor plays Jude in Hollyoaks

Crowds gather for the Halloween Spooktacular... but are the celebrations about to take a sinister turn?

It's the Halloween Spooktacular and a full-sized maze, fire display team, Ferris wheel and Halloween bunting has descended on Hollyoaks. Jude opens the event, but gets a fright of her own when Cindy confronts her about whether the housing development is a scam. Cindy sees how much money Jude has stolen and wants to tell her friends the truth. Liam's spotted the cash, too, and decides to steal it for Eva.

Meanwhile, Peri’s terrified of being back in the bunker with Nico. Sienna's freed from prison and knows they must get to Nico before the police do. Nico drugs Peri again, then goes to find Tom, cornering him in the fortune-teller tent - is he in danger? Warren and Sienna arrive at the Spooktacular and are terrified at the thought of serial killer Nico on the loose.

Jesse's delighted when he’s asked to join the fire display team. He and Celine get lost in the maze and, when Jesse lets slip that he loves Celine, they end up kissing.

Also, Mercedes agrees to meet Joe at the Spooktacular when Freddie reveals that Joe wants to propose.