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Just who IS new boy Liam?

As Celine and Tegan continue to squabble over Liam, Lindsey puts both their name badges in a bag and pulls out Celine's name – she gets to go on a date with him. Later, Grace is stunned to see Liam in the village – he's her brother! Grace gives him money to leave and he does just that… standing up Celine in the process.

Meanwhile, Lindsey's concerned when Esther mentions she’s been visiting Kim and Kath. Esther visits Kim again and questions if she’s guilty. She’s confused when Kim denies everything and tells her Lindsey will get her out of prison.

Ellie's put out that Freddie hasn't replied to her voicemail, while Freddie finds Marnie in the Roscoes' kitchen, cooking sausages wearing only his shirt. When Ellie texts Freddie to say she's coming round in 10 minutes, Freddie tries to get rid of Marnie - he manages to get Marnie out just as Ellie turns up and asks Freddie out for lunch. When Freddie arrives to meet Ellie at The Loft, Marnie introduces herself to Freddie as Ellie's mother. Marnie advises Ellie not to trust Freddie and, later, warns Freddie she’ll tell Ellie everything if he doesn't break up with her!