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Kat arrests Ash in Home and Away

Kat in Home and Away
(Image credit: Jeremy Greive)

Kat takes Ash to the police station for questioning after spotting him with Simmo

Kat and Simmo have a dramatic game of cat and mouse in the Australian bush, but will Kat’s heroic attempts to catch the criminal come to anything? Later, Kat confronts Ash about his deal with Simmo, but Ash plays dumb. Back at the station, Sergeant McCarthy tells her Simmo is a big time crook so she returns to the garage and arrests Ash. Will Ash co-operate with their enquiries?

Meanwhile, Hope gets herself a job working alongside Justin at the garage, but will Justin regret giving Hope a chance? Well, it looks that way, when Hope starts taking pictures of customer's credit card details…

Evelyn makes her big move into the Farm House, but when she sees a Summer Bay resident digging up a vegetable patch she planted with Oscar, will she be able to keep her emotions in check?