Katie loses her beloved horse

The winters can be harsh in the Yorkshire countryside, but it's not the cold or the snow that has killed Katie's horse, Wilson… it's Vanessa the vet! Well, that's what Katie thinks, anyway - and she's going to make Vanessa pay. Katie returned from holiday to find Wilson clearly unwell and Steve told her he'd called Rhona. But Rhona's bad back has put her out of action so Vanessa stood in for her. The big question is: was Vanessa in a fit state to be working? She had been to her godmother's funeral and was very upset. So, when she got to Home Farm and diagnosed mild colic, was her mind really on the job? Katie says it wasn't and is taking legal action. 

Debbie takes rather harsh action against Cain when he fixes Moira's car for free. Who does he think he is, giving his girlfriend freebies? Well, Debbie tells him who he is: he's her mechanic and if he doesn't do what she says - and that means making Moira pay for his work - then she'll find another mechanic.

Brenda's desperate for Dan to do what she wants, which is keep her brain tumour a secret from Bob. Dan finds out accidentally about Brenda's illness and feels he has to do what Brenda wants, although he thinks that what she should do is tell Bob.