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Leanne admits Simon's been attacking her

(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

Ken, Nessa and Tracy find Amy fending off Simon. Leanne arrives but when Simon shows no remorse Eva forces Leanne to admit how Simon’s physically abused her. Ken, Tracy and Robert are stunned. Ken’s full of sympathy but Tracy’s furious Leanne let Simon into her home. As Simon moves back home, Leanne vows she won’t give up on him.

Steph’s furious as Luke wins the race and Jamie collects his winnings. Driving home Luke confesses he only raced because Jamie blackmailed him using nude photos of her. Steph confronts Jamie, ordering him to delete the photos, but Jamie has more debts and wants Luke to continue. Luke urges Steph to tell Andy about Jamie, but she’s too afraid of losing him.

When Alya bursts into tears upon learning that Gary’s coming home, Sharif’s hostility evaporates as he comforts her.

Mary tells Aadi and Asha that she’s worried when Dev flirts with Erica over a drink in the Rovers.