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Leanne calls the father of her baby

Leanne Battersby in Coronation Street

Leanne is ready to share her baby news with the dad in Corrie

Leanne makes Simon promise to keep the baby a secret and confides in Steph that she’s going to break the news to the father of her baby. She heads to the Rovers, but realising her news would be best delivered without an audience, she phones the daddy and summons him outside.

An excited Sally reveals to Tim that the Mayor of Weatherfield will attending their soiree. But she’s put out when the Mayor brings his dog with him. In contrast, Yasmeen’s soiree is a scant affair with few guests. Angry, Yasmeen barges her way in to Sally’s party and to her horror, the mayor’s dog escapes through the front door.

When Jenny announces that Johnny’s given her a month’s trial as a machinist, Kate, Sinead and Beth are pleased for her. Jenny thanks Johnny for giving her a chance and he invites her out for dinner.

Gail and Audrey suggest to David he needs to start thinking about Kylie’s funeral. Erica returns from her mother’s and Dev admits he slept with Mary at the spa hotel - but Mary is as shocked by his revelation as Erica.