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Lisa and Nathan fall out... over a pig!

Rachel Adedeji plays Lisa Loveday in Hollyoaks

It looked like Lisa Loveday only had eyes for Nathan in Hollyoaks... until something else comes into her life!

Cleo, Lisa and Nathan are horrified when a live pig turns up for the hog roast at The Dog. Lisa calls the pig Sonia and decides to save her from being roasted, prompting a custody battle between her and Nathan!

Marnie’s plot looks set to crumble and she’s confronted by James when he overhears Cindy trying to back out of their deal. Meanwhile, Ellie decides not to take Freddie back.

John Paul’s thrown when Scott suggests they move in together and has to cover his concern when Scott reveals their new home – Diego’s van! They’re both watched by James who, after his argument with Marnie, decides to continue his plan to snare John Paul for himself.

Amy and Ryan are elated when he gets a new job in Hollyoaks. Ste confides in Tegan and makes a decision about how to deal with Leah’s bruises – but he’s floored when Amy reveals how Leah got them.

Also, Alfie’s health takes another turn for the worse.