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Liv and Aaron are all set to buy Mill!

Aaron Dingle, Liv Flaherty, Robert Sugden
(Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

Having nabbed the Whites' money, Aaron tells his little sister Liv they can get their own place

*Second episode*

Liv’s absolutely ecstatic and throws her arms around Aaron when he tells her they’re going to buy Mill and have a place of their very own! But just as it looks like everything’s coming together, Moira makes a drunken comment about Robert and Rebecca’s closeness. Will Aaron flip out about his fiance and his ex-lover?

Paddy’s date with Lydia didn’t go well and after telling his ex-wife about it, Rhona comes to his rescue. After giving Paddy a resounding slap in front of Lydia, Rhona tells Pierce she pretended to be her ex-husband’s wife to get him out of trouble and then suggests a saucy way she can make it up to her man…

Elsewhere, Tracy’s plan to get Leyla to move out backfires, and Zak’s troubled when Lisa returns the money he gave her which was meant to go towards a laptop for Belle.