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Emmerdale spoilers: Shush! Liv meets up with Gabby in secret…

Emmerdale fans left horrified by 'unfair' Liv Flaherty sentence

Liv meets up with Gabby in secret as the court case looms

Gabby and Liv are in a world of trouble following their teen prank which went horribly wrong. Let's recap…

So Gabby stole ketamine from Vanessa's work bag, wanting to spike her mum's boyfriend Daz's pint. But things went pearshaped, saw Lisa drink the tampered pint and go to hospital. A hasty cover up followed, with Gabby intending to take the blame and keep Liv, who spiked the drink, out of it. But that went wrong, too, and now a court case is looming large.

With the friends having been banned from having any contact, they're chuffed when Doug steps in and orchestrates a secret meeting. Are they going to construct strategy for the trial?

Rhona lends a supportive ear as Ross opens up about his problems.

Second episode of the evening.