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Maria and Aidan have been caught out

Coronation Street

Johnny watches as Aidan promises Maria he will finish with Eva.

Aidan, Beth, Craig, Eva, Jenny, Kate, Michelle and Steve gather at Maria’s flat, determined to celebrate Christmas with her before her court appearance. Extricating himself from the party, Aidan heads to the factory where he texts Maria to join him. Promising Maria that he’s going to finish with Eva, Aidan and Maria kiss, unaware of Johnny watching them.

The Barlows gather at No.1 for an early Christmas. When Peter furtively removes a present from under the tree and stuffs it in a drawer, Nick's intrigued. Meanwhile, Peter slips out and surreptitiously books a hotel room.

When Gary reveals that Bethany's become involved with an older man, Sarah's horrified. Norris reveals he saw Bethany and Luke had his arm round her. Will Gary jump to conclusions?

Also, Billy gets the job at the Rehab Centre, Andy goes to desperate lengths at the doctors, and Craig helps Tim unload Michelle's new TV.