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Marilyn has amnesia!

Marilyn believes it's 1996 and has no memory of Jett and Leah. James suspects Marilyn is suffering from retrograde amnesia. When Marilyn realises something's wrong and asks everyone to leave the room, John storms out to collects items from the house. He returns to the hospital and barges back into Marilyn's room, scaring her. The next morning, an anxious Marilyn slips out of the hospital.

After a swim with Tank, Evelyn suggests they have lunch together, but he makes his excusess. Later, Josh and Tank almost come to blows when Josh hears him talking about Evelyn in a sleazy way. When Tank and Evelyn go paddle boarding, it's not long before they end up in the water and share their first kiss.

It's the big day for Roo and James as the pair finally move in together but they are astounded by how much stuff Maddy owns! Later, Maddy catches James making a suspicious phone call, but brushes it off as nothing.