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Maxine is back and has to face Adam and Darcy!

Maxine returns and bumps into Adam and Darcy

As Maxine returns to the village, plotting Darcy does her best to wind her up

Maxine is back but things are immediately awkward when she bumps into a loved-up Adam and Darcy especially when manipulative Darcy makes out that she and Adam are trying for a baby!

Meanwhile, Tony eventually caves and agrees to let Prince ask Lily to marry him, however Diane has other ideas! Will the protective mum scupper Prince’s plans?

Also, Yasmine returns home but things soon turn very sour when she accuses Farrah of being ungrateful.

Kim is shocked to hear from Yasmine that Farrah’s dad committed suicide but when she tries to talks to her about it, Farrah snaps and shuts down the conversation.

Later on, and wanting to patch things up, Farrah asks Kim to move in with her….however Misbah soon puts a stop to that idea.