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Maxine visits Sienna in the clink in Hollyoaks

Maxine visits Sienna in prison in Hollyoaks

Maxine wants the truth from an imprisoned Sienna – who gives it to her with both barrels!

As Maxine visits Sienna in prison to try and get the truth out of her, Sienna soon turns on Maxine, blaming her for why she had to ‘murder’ Patrick. Meanwhile, Peri says no to Nico’s plan of poisoning Cameron. Instead, they plan to trap Cameron in the hospital lift but they accidentally trap Maxine, who ends up unconscious!

It's Mercedes's birthday and Cleo is planning a night out but Mercedes just wants to sit in the pub and get drunk. She ends up flirting with all the men in the pub – even Mac – and parades around in her wedding dress!

Also, Neeta confronts Mac about clearing their joint account but he refuses to make amends. James tempts Neeta with a plan to go to court where he would stand as her lawyer. Neeta’s against the idea, until an altercation with Marnie helps her change her mind…