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Maxine's life takes a dramatic turn!

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Anxious about Darren's whereabouts, Nancy goes looking for him and sees him going into Maxine's flat. Elsewhere, Nico walks in to The Dog and asks Alfie to get her a few hundred pounds from the till as she's leaving, but he secretly rings Ben and Sienna instead. Ben tells Nico he knows what she's done… but he's talking about when she pushed Will off the roof. It looks like Sienna has saved her again.

Meanwhile, Maxine's shaken that Patrick's dead. Darren watches the final video that Patrick recorded and the truth comes out that Patrick was planning to frame her. Maxine begs Darren to help her, so Darren comes up with a plan to make it look like Patrick's committed suicide. The two of them bundle Patrick in to the boot of Darren's car but, just as they are about to drive away, Darren realises his car tyre is flat. Dirk comes over to help and, when he leaves them for a moment to get his tools, Darren and Maxine know they must move the body and their eyes are drawn to a hole in the city wall…

Later, Nico, Sienna and Ben return to the flat and Nico watches Sienna walk into the bedroom thinking she will find Patrick's lifeless body, but he's gone. Later, Sienna bumps into Maxine and Darren, unaware they have disposed of Patrick's body. Sienna's concerned Patrick is missing and borrows Dirk's van so they can go to Patrick's secluded beauty spot to try and find him.

Also, Ellie refuses to put on the sari that Neeta has picked out for her to wear at her wedding to Mac. As Cindy walks in on them, Neeta asks Cindy – Mac's current wife – to be chief bridesmaid in place of Ellie. Awkward…