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Neighbours spoilers: Is Piper Willis pregnant?

Neighbours, Piper Willis, Cassius Grady

Piper is in a spin over the possibility she could be pregnant. During another hospital visit to see ex-boyfriend Cassius will she drop the bombshell?

After being overcome by fatigue and nausea, Piper Willis starts to fear there's a chance she could be pregnant. And the only person who could be the baby's father is her killer ex-boyfriend, Cassius Grady!

Having thought she had finally closed the chapter on Cassius, Piper finds herself visiting him in hospital again. But can Piper bring herself to tell Cassius the shock news that he is possibly going to be a dad?

Meanwhile, Paul Robinson hasn't finished making life a misery for his son Leo Tanaka and special lady friend Terese Willis.

Paul has already caused a disturbance at the hostel, which could ruin Leo's backpacker business. So now he turns his attention to ex-love Terese and tries to bribe Terese's Executive Assistant, Chloe Brennan, into helping him undermine Terese's position at Lassiters.

Will Chloe be tempted by ruthless Paul's cash and betray boss Terese?

Elsewhere, Ned Willis offers to make amends to the Brennan family for the recent trouble he's caused them. So Aaron assigns Ned to secretly find out where sister Chloe is getting all her extra money from.

Could they be close to discovering Chloe's paid escort sideline is back in business and she has secretly started a lucrative arrangement with multi-millionaire Pierce Greyson?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5