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Neighbours spoilers: Elly and Bea's mum Liz turns up at the Kennedys

Karl and Susan Kennedy

It's a full house at the Kennedys as Elly and Bea's mum Liz arrives for a visit. Can she heal the rift between the sisters or will she make things worse?

With sisters Elly and Bea still squabbling over events surrounding their ordeal at the hands of the wicked Finn, aunt Susan Kennedy has called in the cavalry in the shape of Elly and Bea's mum, Liz.

At first it looks like Liz's happy chat is going to reunite the Conway/Nilsson girls. But when Elly and Bea compare notes, they both realise their mum has been telling them half-truths about why her daughters became estranged in first place. Bea is crushed when she discovers Liz wanted her out of the house when she was a teenager because she reminded her of Bea's dad, Lars. Will Bea be able to forgive Liz?

Meanwhile, when posters of the Sharma-Rebecchi family for the 'Christmas In July' campaign are vandalised, racist Lassiter's employee Marisa is the prime suspect. Chloe uses her position to get Marisa sacked from the hotel even though Marisa vows she's innocent.

Elsewhere, Aaron and David set single policewoman Mishti up with dishy doc Rob Carson. But having had her heartbroken several times in recent months, Mishti starts to police-style interrogate Rob on their date, and risks scaring him off!

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5