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Neighbours spoilers: Steph Scully leaves Erinsborough

Long-time Ramsay Street resident Steph is reunited with her sons Charlie and Adam as she leaves Erinsborough for a new life in Sydney

Steph's bags are packed and she says her goodbyes as she prepares to leave Erinsborough for a new life in Sydney.

However, there's no sign of Steph's long-time friend, Toadie, who appears to be laying low after their recent bust-up over Toadie's interference in Steph's future plans. But Toadie would never let Steph leave without saying goodbye, would he? And at the very last moment Toadie arrives with a big surprise for Steph - her youngest son, Adam!

Together with her teenage son Charlie, Steph couldn't be happier her family has been reunited thanks to Toadie. The friends share an emotional goodbye before Steph hits the road.

Meanwhile, Mishti is shocked to discover she is being blackmailed by date Dihan, who threatens to release a dodgy video of her if she get the police involved and reports his crimes. What will policewoman Mishti do?

And with Steph gone, Gary is enjoying being the boss at The Flametree Retreat and working with Fay. Gary's ex Terese can't help but notice how well the pair is getting on. Could it be the start of a new romance?

Catch Neighbours from Monday 4th June at 1:15pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5