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Neighbours spoilers: Will Susan Kennedy be charged with attempted murder?

Neighbours, Susan Kennedy

Karl fears the worst when his wife Susan confesses to pushing Finn off the cliff. Will the school principal be charged with attempted murder?

Following Susan Kennedy's shock confession to neighbour Mark Brennan that she was the one who pushed Finn Kelly off the cliff, her nieces Elly Conway and Bea Nilsson and friend Xanthe Canning are all alarmed when Susan decides to go to the police station and confess all...

Even with neighbourhood legal eagle Toadie Rebecchi on Susan's side, her hubby Karl still fears the worst as his wife is questioned by Detective Shaw over the scary showdown with Finn close to the cabin where he had been hiding out.

Neighbours, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi

Susan's in big trouble after her shock confession... (Picture: Channel 5)

At first, it looks like Susan may be freed without charge since she acted in self-defence. But when she tells Detective Shaw how much she hates Finn and wanted him dead, things get a whole lot worse... Is the normally sensible Susan going to be charged with attempted murder?

Elsewhere in Ramsay Street, Chloe Brennan finds herself trying to keep the peace between her brother Mark and his girlfriend Elly. Mark is massively annoyed that not only has Elly been keeping secrets for Chloe but now she is involved in a cover-up with Susan, Bea and Xanthe.

Could Mark and Elly be headed for splitsville?

Neighbours, Elly Conway

Elly is in boyfriend Mark's bad books after all the neighbourhood secrets she's been keeping from him (Picture: Channel 5)

And as Alice Wells's plan to ruin Sonya Rebecchi continues, the wicked nanny starts plotting for a way to romantically reunite Sonya's husband Toadie with Alice's conwoman daughter Andrea Somers. But first she'll need to get Sonya out of the picture... permanently!

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5