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Nicola kisses Dan!

Nicola King, Dan Spencer

A spark between Nicola and Dan turns into a kiss on Emmerdale

When Nicola tells Jimmy the paralysis in her arm might be permanent, she’s devastated by his reaction as he struggles to handle the news. Later, she confides her upset in Dan and finds herself leaning in for a kiss…

Charity’s chuffed with herself having got passionate with Cain and is quick to taunt Moira. But Cain isn’t really interested in his ex and is determined to sort things out with his wife Moira. When Moira apologises to Cain for not having told him about the incident at drug dealer Simon’s house, which may have gone on to give her HIV, will Cain come clean, too, and tell his wife he kissed Charity?

At Mulberry it looks like there could be a thaw between Ashley and Gabby, who’s chuffed when she overhears her dad urging her mum, Bernice, to pay more attention to their daughter. Elsewhere, Finn and Emma make a plan.