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Olivia is shocked by the DNA results

Hunter furiously storms off when he finds out about Olivia's DNA test for Irene and Claire. When the results arrive, Olivia is shocked and when Irene and Claire come home, she tells Irene that Claire is not her daughter.

Leah follows Kat and reprimands her being romantically involved with Dylan. Kat tries to explain her side of the story, but Leah cuts her off and tells her she has crossed the line.

Leah tells Morag and Alf what she has witnessed before Morag's ringing phone interrupts the conversation. Morag's team in the city has new evidence that could clear Zac's name. At the time of Charlotte's murder, Zac "liked" a picture on social media and Morag says they can trace his location to prove he's innocent.

Kat makes it clear to Dylan they are just colleagues but Dylan has bigger problems when he learns about the new evidence that could prove Zac's innocence. He makes a phone call - he has a problem that needs to be taken care of… and that problem is Martin Ashford.