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Paige risks all for Tyler

Paige nurses Tyler's injuries but is frustrated when Karl reveals that her friend can't get any stronger painkillers without a prescription. Tyler refuses see a doctor so Paige stays at home to look after him, missing another opportunity to see Brennan. Suddenly Tyler takes a turn for the worse and Paige runs to the Kennedy's house, swiping a prescription page from Karl's pad.

Daniel is planning on selling the lease of Off Air to a man who wants to turn it into a Mixed Martial Arts gym. Later, Josh strikes up a conversation with Forrest, the MMA fighter turned gym owner and supplement seller, so when Forrest misses out on the lease of Off Air, he offers Josh a job as a sales rep. Josh is stoked, however Forrest has more sinister motives...

Karl discovers an account in Susan's name and she reveals she likes having money to spend without him knowing. Karl's indignant – how would Susan feel if he just went out and spent money. Susan dares him to, confident he never will. However, he makes a sudden decision and buys into Off Air, leaving Susan horrified.