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Pat Phelan is arrested!

Pat Phelan in Coronation Street
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Todd's had enough of Pat Phelan's lies and calls the police when Eileen goes missing.

As Todd heads to the Rovers to inform Eileen of the scam, Phelan makes a panicked call to Vinny, who whisks Eileen to his car, claiming Phelan’s got a surprise for her. Phelan returns to No.11 alone, where Todd demands to know where Eileen is. Assuring Todd she’s safe, Phelan offers to cut him in on the deal but the police suddenly arrive.

Kirk’s gutted to realise his marriage is based on lies, while Craig’s adamant she deserves to pay for all her deceit and he turns up on Maria’s doorstep with his bags.

When Roy reveals he’s ordered a new double bed for them, Cathy realises he doesn’t want her in Hayley’s old room. Anna tries to cheer her up, but it clearly isn't working.

While Audrey powders her nose on their date, Freddie’s shaken when his old friend Angelica rails at him for dating again so soon after Sadie’s death.