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Pete continues to manipulate Cleo

Pete manipulates Cleo to get him £200 by the end of the day. She tries to steal from The Hutch but Tony catches her. Later, Cleo goes to visit Pete and he begins to get her onside again. Pete goes too far, though, when he puts his hand on Cleo's thigh and she runs off.

Marnie sees an opportunity to get her hands on Diane's laptop and suggests that Scott give James a tour of the village. Meanwhile, Marnie goes for a drink with Diane and, when Diane’s distracted, Marnie puts the laptop in her bag. Later, James and Marnie crack the password, but they're caught with the laptop by Scott!

Also, Joanne accuses Louis of running her over on purpose, while Ellie tells Simone that Louis is at the hospital. Louis covers when Simone asks why he's there and, thanks to Joanne, Simone believes him. Zack kisses Lisa and makes his feelings clear but she tells him it's too late… she's not about to forget his tryst with Joanne!