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Pierce plays 'dad' with single mum Rhona

(Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

*First episode*

Without Paddy around now that he’s pushed off to Hamburg without her, Rhona has her hands full with work and looking after Leo. So she’s chuffed when Pierce – who’s in the village on a mission to find out who was driving the car which mowed down and killed his wife, Tess – offers his help. But Marlon isn’t too happy when he finds Pierce holding his son, Leo, having heard from Paddy that Pierce has also told him not to phone Rhona at her house any more.

Having found out that Belle is 17, Dr Bailey is blanking his secret lover. But Belle isn’t having any of it and turns up at the surgery on the pretext of picking up her mum’s prescription. Ushering Belle into his office, the doctor confronts her about her age. Will Belle be able to talk him round?

Jai reckons he’s making headway with Megan, who’s chuffed when he shows his support for her fundraiser. The factory owner is boosted further when Jimmy urges him not to give up on his ex.