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Porsche goes off the rails

Porsche has gone off the rails and Joe offers her a shoulder to cry on. But when Lockie returns to see Porsche confiding in Joe, he completely flips!

Meanwhile, Sienna questions Ben about whether he's married, but he denies it. Trevor wants justice for his son, Dylan, and urges Sienna to get Nico to tell the truth. Sienna reads Nico's text to Dylan asking for help and realises that he wasn't trying to rape her, rather Nico was trying to kill her. In an effort to protect her daughter, Sienna plants the painkillers on Dylan.

John Paul sees Sinead and Ste kiss. He lets rip on Sinead – much to the delight of Lockie. Elsewhere, John Paul visits Phoebe with Mercedes, but Lindsey tells them her health is deteriorating. Lindsey tells John Paul not to tell Robbie about Phoebe, but he calls the prison, thinking Robbie could be the one to get through to unconscious Phoebe.

Also, Sinead tells Scott he needs to move out so he floods Diane's flat. He and Sinead move in to the boarding house.