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Pupils fight for their lives following lethal explosion at Hollyoaks High

Peri, Lily, Tom and Alfie are trapped in the crumbling school building

It’s the aftermath of the catastrophic gas explosion at Hollyoaks High and people are left fighting for their lives.

Darren and Luke climb up into an air vent to try and escape but their exit becomes blocked.

Elsewhere Hunter tries to help Sally and a frantic Leela attempts to assist her firefighter colleagues by communicating with Peri via video call.

However, the terrifying situation escalates when the floor of the room where Peri, Lily, Tom and Alfie are trapped suddenly collapses beneath them!

Meanwhile Mac, who caused the explosion, is left fighting to escape when he and Neeta are also trapped in the wreckage.

Who is going to get out and who will perish beneath the collapsing building?