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Family ties: Rebecca handcuffs Lawrence and Chrissie together! (VIDEO)

Lawrence White, Rebecca White, Chrissie White

Rebecca takes drastic steps to get her sister and dad talking - by handcuffing them together.

Chrissie’s been booted out of Home Farm and is about to leave the village altogether once she’s picked up her stuff. But Rebecca’s not about to let the rift between her sister and her dad spiral out of control. So, in a bid to get them talking, she handcuffs the at-odds pair together! As guilty Ronnie watches on, will he confess that he’s in the wrong?

Another row flares up between Vanessa and Pierce when the vet accuses her best mate’s fiancé of being controlling. Unaware of the argument between her two favourite people, Rhona, meanwhile, is having a chat with Laurel who urges her to set a wedding date. Boosted, Rhona goes for it and pencils in the occasion for six weeks’ time! Vanessa’s going to be thrilled! Not.

Elsewhere, Jacob can’t find his ‘lucky’ coin, and Tracy asks David to model for the cover of her racy novel!

Watch this clip from the episode;