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Rhona tells Paddy that Tess is having an affair!

During a chat with Rhona, Tess confides she’s seeing a married man and reveals she’s planning to move to Emmerdale! Unaware that Tess is talking about her husband Paddy, Rhona encourages her to do what makes her happy. Later, unsuspecting Rhona shares the contents of their conversation with Paddy, who struggles to keep it together.

Kirin breathes a sigh of relief when Carly returns with his son. He promises not to lose his cool again, but she’s not convinced. Later, when Leyla collapses, an ambulance is called. But when Carly clocks the paramedics arriving, she jumps to the wrong conclusion and accuses Kirin of harming Johnny, leaving Vanessa baffled.

Needing some space in the wake of him revealing his story of childhood abuse at the hands of his own father, Aaron has disappeared from the village. When Robert asks to know where Aaron has gone, Chas refuses to pass on any info – but is taken aback to realise how much Robert cares for her son despite all the horror that’s gone on between them.