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Russ leaves Erinsborough

When Russ finally apologises to Tyler, it's not enough. He doesn't seem to understand the implications of what he's done and it's not until he receives some very frank words from Sheila that he realises the true damage of his actions. But his heartfelt apology comes too late, and his sons rally around to support Tyler as they send Russ back to Port Lincoln.

Daniel can't help but notice how stressed Imogen is. She's picking fights with Paul and is on tenterhooks while organising Toadie's benefit. Wanting to help relieve some of her stress, Daniel decides it's time to step up and show Imogen he's got her back. 

Toadie is feeling more and more confident in his chair as each day goes by. He's further buoyed when brother Stonie comes to town to visit. But when Stonie's presence threatens plans to get Toadie to the surprise benefit, Sonya is forced to step in.