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Ryan's been a naughty boy...


It's the morning after the night before... and Mercedes is trying to get Ryan out of the door!

*Hour-long episode*

At the McQueen house, Goldie warns sons Prince and Hunter to stay indoors for New Year's Eve and stay out of trouble. Upstairs, Mercedes is listening for Goldie and the boys to leave so Ryan can sneak out – it turns out they've slept together! Later, Ryan buys flowers for Amy.

Later, Prince and Hunter cause mischief in the village and get on the wrong side of Harry. He pushes Prince into the bins, but Prince won’t let Harry get away with that…

Meanwhile, Harry's planning to propose to Ste; he's laid the table for a romantic dinner and put the ring box in the centre. Harry texts Ste to say he's coming to meet him - but Prince bumps into him in the village and swipes his keys. What's he planning?

In flashback scenes, a 16-year-old Billy and 15-year-old Jack are getting ready to hit the town on New Year’s Eve. Billy’s the dominant brother, while Jack tries to keep them out of trouble. Young Billy and Jack head out to teach ‘Callum’ a lesson, although Jack doesn’t want to.

Back in the present day, Jack is defeated when his whole family decide to go home instead of fleeing to Ireland. He leaves a note for them and goes to The Loft where Eva is enjoying her New Year's Eve. He grabs her shoulder and her face falls when she sees who it is. Later, Eva hatches a plan to make it look like Jack has killed himself at the Osborne house. Will this New Year's Eve end in tragedy?