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Ryan's got Cameron right where he wants him

Cameron Moore plays Cameron Campbell in Hollyoaks

Ryan intends to make Cameron remain in custody for a little while longer in Hollyoaks...

Cameron’s desperate to be released from custody, but Ryan is stalling. Meanwhile, a frustrated Leela takes Tegan's advice and decides to throw a Christmas party – but Holly soon realises Tegan's after her man when she invites Nick to the do.

Tegan is crushed when she sees Holly and Nick kissing, but promises to keep their secret. Later, Nick spots Tegan taking a pill.

Meanwhile, Ste asks Tony for help to get Leah's tablet back before Amy sees it – but savvy Leah wants Tony to pay her for it. Later, when Ryan finds the tablet, Leah claims she got it from Santa at the village grotto – will Ryan be suspicious?

Adam's being cagey with Maxine, and Liam knows the reason why, especially as it's Adam's birthday tomorrow – what are they hiding? Later, Maxine decides to plan a nice birthday surprise for Adam.

Also, Cleo's worried about Celine.