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Sarah and Callum are caught kissing

The chemistry between Sarah and Callum doesn’t go unnoticed by Carla, who later tells Nick how friendly they seem. When Callum buys Bethany a new phone, Sarah worries about how she will explain it to David; but when Callum follows her out into the Rovers backyard, the pair kiss passionately - only to be seen by Nick! 

Kevin reassures Jenny when she apologises for causing trouble between him and Sophie, telling her that if anyone is at fault it’s Sophie. Meanwhile, Sally and Tim fail to persuade Sophie to make amends with her dad.

Sinead is thrilled when Alya and Izzy ask her to make a bespoke basque for Alya’s first order and Chesney is delighted to see her so upbeat.

Nick and Carla enjoy one another’s company at a wine tasting session. When Roy cooks a curry for Tyrone, Luke and Gary, Tyrone suggests they have a curry challenge.