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Seb suffers a terrible fall from his ladder. Did he fall or was he pushed?

Seb in Coronation Street

Devastated Faye wonders whether Seb will survive the fall while Anna grows suspicious about how it happened…

After a very public row with Anna - who then has a showdown with Phelan who she blames for poisoning Seb against her - Seb suffers a horrific fall from his ladder while cleaning windows at the solicitor’s office. Finding Seb on the ground Anna calls an ambulance while Faye sobs over his lifeless body. With Seb’s life hanging in the balance we’re left wondering did he fall or was he pushed?

Fiz and Beth are appalled at Alya for choosing to side with the enemy when he lost them their jobs. But Alya thinks it’s time she went on her own way…

Steve’s intrigued but when he arrives at No.7 he’s horrified to discover his blind date is Moira. Is he on the double date from hell?

First episode of night.