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Shock for Harry, Holly and Cleo at the boat party!

Parry Glasspool plays Harry Thompson in Hollyoaks

The leavers' boat party is in full swing when disaster strikes in Hollyoaks...

Ste's been up half the night on a high and is on a comedown when Zack calls everyone to the village to announce that he and Lisa are hosting a leavers’ party on the boat before everyone goes off to uni. Ste panics when he can’t find the drugs he had in his pocket and storms off from the party. Ste lies to Leela and Tegan that he’s lost his HIV meds and they turn the Lomaxes living room upside down looking for them – but when Rose then suddenly starts being sick, Ste panics that she’s taken his drugs!

Meanwhile, Peri and Nico try to get into the party on the boat but are knocked back. The Lomaxes are relieved when it turns out Rose has just got a virus but Cameron urges Ste to find the drugs. Meanwhile, Nico picks up Ste’s bag of meth from the floor of The Tugboat. She tries to get Jade to take it but sensible Jade says no. Cleo, Harry, Holly and Zack are discussing whether to go to HCC instead of their chosen universities, when Peri lets out a blood-curdling scream… Nico's face down in the river!

Also, Tony has second thoughts about going to France when he finds out his job is for a junior cook.



Victoria Wilson
Victoria Wilson

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