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Simone forces a confession out of Cindy

Cindy tries to assure Jason the pass meant nothing, but Simone captured the illicit moment on Louis' drone. Under pressure from Simone, Cindy says it was a moment of madness and she desperately loves Dirk, which he overhears and he immediately whisks her off for some afternoon delight.

Loved up, they both wonder why they're waiting to get married and decide to have a wedding that day at the registry office! Holly, Jason and HIlton are invited, but on their return from the ceremony, someone from Cindy's past arrives and a shocking secret is revealed.

Tegan is questioned after her row with Mariam, while a gloved hand is pictured putting a picture into a hospital locker. Someone has just got away with murder!

Elsewhere, Grace is furious when she learns Esther was helping Freddie with the wedding decorations at The Loft.