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Sinead goes into labour!

Robbie is nervous when Freddie confronts him about the robbery. He begs his brother to help, but he's on his own. Meanwhile, Finn is still trying to get rid of the gun and later, when Sinead goes into the bathroom, she's horrified to find it in the toilet cistern... She needs to find her brother and Esther offers to help her, but when they do find him in the abandoned petrol station, Sinead goes into labour. Sinead screams in agony, while Esther is there to hold her hand, despite what they've been through. Esther successfully delivers the baby girl, but Sinead panics when her new-born isn't crying. The paramedics arrive, but her maternal instincts have already kicked in - will her baby be OK?

Darren spots Jason wearing the same hoodie as the gun-man and grabs hold of him. He marches him to The Dog and orders Nancy to phone the police, unaware that he's got the wrong man. Later, Jason's brothers - all four of them - confront Darren.

They're interrupted by the arrival of the Roscoe matriarch, Sandy, who reveals Darren is their new landlord. Sandy takes twins, Jason and Robbie to see Patrick unaware what her son has been up to on his own.

Also, Nancy and Darren attempt to reconcile.