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Ste proposes to Sinead and furious Harry confronts Ste at school. Meanwhile, Tom helps Nancy set up a teacher/pupil messaging service and sends out a photo of her dressed as Bjork to everyone as a joke. When Tom discovers Peri knows the sex of the baby, he’s so angry he plans to use the messaging service to send out Cameron’s video confession about killing Sam and Danny. Later, Peri apologises to Tom for not telling him, so Tom decides not to send the message - but he doesn't realise he hasn't pressed cancel and the 'Send' window is still open.

Later, tensions rise between Ste and Harry, as does the passion, and the pair end up kissing. As things get steamy, they knock the computer Tom was at earlier – sending Cameron's video out. Meanwhile, Sinead walks down the corridor… about to open the door to the classroom they are in…

Scott bumps in to Tegan and strikes up a deal with her – he’ll let her have access to Rose, while Diane is asleep. Scott visits Diane and, when Patrick asks Tony to help with food for the governors’ meeting, Diane is left in Scott's care. Scott worms his way back in to Diane’s affections, while Tegan pops something suspicious in to homemade soup and takes it round to Diane…

Also, Celine asks Cameron about moving in together. Cameron is thrilled, but Porsche is defiant – he’s Lockie’s brother! Later, Celine talks Porsche round.


Victoria Wilson
Victoria Wilson

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