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Can Ste get into Amy's good books?

Kieron Richardson plays Ste Hay in Hollyoaks

Ste realises it's best to keep your friends close - and your enemies closer...

As Ste lets James help him with the custody battle, he spots Amy in the village after a bad tan and offers to correct it for her as a peace offering, then helps her with an outfit for the Police Ball. Ste's convinced Amy will drop the case – but can she be that easily swayed?

Meanwhile, Marnie tries to win round Mac, who's still furious about last night's events. Lisa tries to conceal a love bite on her neck, while Ryan and Freddie are both hungover.

Later, Ellie and Freddie have another argument but Ellie knows she has to fight for Freddie – what’s she got planned? Marnie also makes up with Mac – but is he hiding something?