Stonefish pays Toadie a mysterious visit

Sonya and Steph are surprised when Stonefish shows up on their doorstep. Toadie hustles the women out for a walk and, when they’re alone, Stonefish reveals that the mysterious person he was looking for at Toadie's behest seems to have skipped town. Later, Sonya calls Lucas, revealing she thinks Toadie and Steph are hiding something from her.

When Angus finds out Sarah's leaving, he’s furious - but after meeting Xanthe he warms to the idea of staying in Erinsborough. After making sure Toadie will keep an eye on the situation, Sarah heads off to the airport, leaving Angus struggling to bottle his emotions. When Angus asks if Ben knows Xanthe, Ben's biting - she'd never be interested in him but Angus isn't put off one little bit…

Sheila's appalled to see nasty comments on Xanthe's Facebook page and, while Xanthe’s buoyed by an admiring Angus, Sonya tells Sheila it’s better to ignore online trolls. Later, Xanthe’s furious to learn Sheila has reported Alison, the bully responsible for her trolling, to her parents - but when Sheila spots Alison picking on Xanthe, she sees red and slaps her!

Ellen Markwardt
Listings Editor at TV Times

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