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Tegan and Fraser are caught out

Tegan is in love with Fraser and keener than ever to have him all to herself. Sandy and Fraser find a hand-written card from Tegan and Rose in his car and Sandy is furious. Fraser confronts Tegan and she promises to be more careful as he takes her more seriously. Fraser agrees to babysit Rose as a compromise but the sexual tension between Fraser and Tegan is palpable and after a couple of glasses of wine, they start ripping each other's clothes off - until Ste walks in and catches them! Tegan begs Ste not to say anything and tells him about Fraser being Rose's dad.

Jason knows Holly is lying to him about where she was last night, and when Jason and Robbie see Holly and Dodger in College Coffee, Jason jumps to conclusions. Later, Robbie finds Holly's diary with letters addressed to 'D' inside.

Nancy tells Darren they need to get rid of Sienna, while Sienna still thinks Peri is her daughter. Nancy has started a petition to get Sienna put back behind bars and Tom and Peri throw eggs at Sienna in the village.

Also, Frankie is desperate to get her relationship with Jack back on track, but things don't run too smoothly in the bedroom...