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Terese faces her first AA meeting

Terese is thrown to learn that her son has just had a one-night stand with barmaid Courtney. Meanwhile, Imogen, is thrilled when Daniel professes his love for her. Life is looking up for the Willises… until Terese is confronted by an encounter with her fellow AA members. She avoids the meeting, confident that her secret is safe, but is unaware that Amber has seen her walk away.

Kyle wants everything to be perfect for Georgia's return. But the arrival of a stranger with surprising news leaves Kyle stunned – and unsure what to believe. Is it true? Is Georgia really ready to leave their marriage?

Aaron's determined to find the man who rescued him and ever romantic, he decides they must be his soulmate. But Aaron's fantasy is shot to pieces when Nate reveals himself as his saviour. Aaron is thrown, as strange new feelings for his sparring mate begin to stir…

Amy has no intention of trusting Paul again – but she's surprised when he goes out of his way to prove his love and commitment.