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The body is found at Home Farm!

Home Farm is on lockdown as the police start digging. Meanwhile, in the office, Declan and Megan are stressing. Picking up on this, Robbie warns his mum to leg it when word breaks that something has been found. Though Megan wants to stick around to help her brother, she’s torn as the Home Farm ship begins to sink.

Wanting to know what’s caused the breakdown of his marriage and Rhona’s bonkers behaviour, Paddy reckons she’s having an affair. And Vanessa’s only too happy to encourage that thought. When Marlon and Paddy confront the drug-addicted vet, Rhona denies it. As Vanessa declares her love, Rhona realises she’s got to keep her drug supplier on side.

Angry Brenda’s heart breaks as Nik takes off with Molly to start a new life in Canada. Later, as a favour for Nikhil, David passes on some of Gennie's things to Chas, including the Dictaphone on which Gennie recorded Cameron’s killer confession!