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Theresa escapes from prison!

Nana is alarmed by Mercedes and Phoebe's plan to free Theresa from prison and tries to stop them. Mercedes climbs out of the window and Theresa finds a way to get herself admitted to hospital. Mercedes then turns up at the hospital in her sexiest doctor's attire and steals a wheelchair. Theresa handcuffs a burly policewoman to the bed before Mercedes and Theresa make a run for it!

When they get outside however, they're shocked to find Sonny's waiting for them. He pushes them into the back of a waiting police car but is suddenly hit over the head from behind... by Myra McQueen!

The three women and Phoebe meet up in the village and find out that Carmel has already picked Theresa's biological daughter Kathleen-Angel up from nursery and they're at Dodger's boat. Later, Carmel suggests that Kathleen-Angel should choose who she wants to be with - and the youngster runs towards Theresa...