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Three's a crowd for Sinead, Ste and John Paul

John Paul decides to move into Diane’s flat with Sinead and Ste. Sinead wants to tell Ste that she loves him, while Ste finds a spontaneous John Paul waiting for him in the mood for romance… Later, Sinead overhears John Paul and Harry talking about their kiss.

Lockie is alarmed when Porsche tells him she’s desperate for money. He’s unaware it’s to stop her mum coming to Hollyoaks. Porsche confides in Phoebe about her past and says she’ll do whatever it takes to stop her mum coming back.

Cleo is upset about her break-up with Harry and tells him she’s prepared to sleep with him to get him back. Later, Cleo gets back at Harry by kissing Zack, but freaks out when he tries to go further.

Also, Diane takes her battle for Rose and Dee Dee to the next level when she arranges to meet a family lawyer, Mr King, to discuss getting custody of them.