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Tragedy strikes for the teens

Kyle returns to school while he waits for his trial after attacking Ste. He shows Harry CCTV footage from the gay club and tells him to steal some exam papers unless he wants everyone to know he's gay. Harry breaks into Patrick's office to steal the papers and is almost caught by an irate Zack, who has turned up to steal Patrick’s car keys.

Meanwhile, Dylan has stolen one of Sienna's silk tops from her bedroom. He wears it under his t-shirt and, when Nico tries to put her hand up his top, he pushes her away and runs off. Later, Harry, Zack, Cleo, Holly and Jason are arguing in the car and, when Zack hastily reverses, he hits Dylan.

Maxine convinces Darren not to go to the police and together they decide to fight Patrick. Patrick tries to lift Minnie but he has no strength in his arms. He tells Theresa the MND has spread and she promises to help him keep Minnie for as long as possible. Patrick tells Theresa he loves her but, when Theresa leaves the room, it's revealed that Patrick's arms – on this occasion - are fine. He's tricked her so she'll support his decision to keep Minnie.

Also, Simone informs a shocked Lindsey that she’s bought her flat and will be moving in today.