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Vanessa lies in court in a bid to help Rhona

Vanessa Woodfield

As Vanessa gives evidence in court she decides to lie to help Rhona, but ends up harming her friend's case

There's no one in the world who hates Pierce as much as Vanessa does. She spent months of her life trying to dissuade Rhona from being with him and it almost cost the vet their friendship. When Rhona finally saw Pierce for the evil abusive horror he actually is, Vanessa was there to pick up the pieces and help her damaged friend.

Taking to the stand to give evidence on what went on between the couple, Vanessa decides to lie to try to help the case. But the vet is devastated when her lies are uncovered. Pierce is delighted to see his number one enemy crumble, while Rhona worries that her case has been diminished by Vanessa's lies.

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